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The Art and culture is an essential part of UPSC IAS Exam. The art and culture syllabus of UPSC deals with various architectures, music, painting, sculpture, literature and etc. Here, in this article IAS Exam aspirants can know the literature during the Gupta period, which is important from prelims and mains exam perspective.

The Gupta period was known as the Golden period of India in cultural development. It is considered as the one of the supreme and most outstanding times. Gupta Kings patronized the Sanskrit literature. They generously helped Sanskrit scholars and poets. Eventually Sanskrit language became the language of cultured and educated people.


  • He was a Classical Sanskrit writer, extensively considered as the greatest poet and dramatist of Gupta Period.
  • The six major works of Kalidasa are
    • Abhijnanashakuntala
    • Vikramorvashi
    • Malavikagnimitra
    • The epic poems Raghuvamsha
    • Kumarasambhava
    • Meghaduta


The famous plays of Vishakhadatta are

  • Mudrarakṣhasa
  • Mudrarakshasha means “Ring of the Demon” and it recites the ascent of Chandragupta Maurya to throne.


  • He is a king as well as poet
  • The famous three Sanskrit plays contributed by him are
    • Mrichchhakatika (The Little Clay Cart)
    • Vinavasavadatta
    • A bhana (short one-act monologue)
    • Padmaprabhritaka


  • Harisena was a panegyrist, Sanskrit poet, and government minister.
  • He wrote poems praising the bravery of Samudra Gupta, which is engraved on Allahabad pillar.


  • He wrote 13 plays which echo the lifestyle of the Gupta Era along with its prevalent beliefs and culture.


  • He is known for Kiratarjuniya, which talks about the conversation of Shiva and
  • Kiratarjuniya, an epic style Kavya is considered to be among the greatest works in Sanskrit.


  • Bhaṭṭikāvya which is also known as Rāvaṇavadha was written by Bhatti.


  • Sisupala was written by Magha in 7th century AD
  • It is regarded as one of the Sanskrit Mahavakyas.


  • Kavyadarshana and Dasakumarcharita were the famous work written by Dandin.
  • Dasakumarcharita ‘The Tale of the Ten Princes’ which represents the adventures of 10 princes.


  • Bhatrihari was believed to be a King
  • He wrote Nitishatak, which has 100 verses on philosophy and Vakyapadiya, a treatise on Sanskrit Grammar.

Ishwar Krishna

  • Sankyakarika was his major work.
  • It was an observation on Samkhya Philosophy.


  • Vyasa has written Vyasabhasya, it was a work on Yoga philosophy


  • Vatsyayana was the author of Nyaya Sutra Bhashya and Kamasutra
  • The Nyaya Sutra Bhashya is regarded as the first commentary on Gautama’s Nyaya Sutras.

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