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Geography as a subject plays a crucial role in the UPSC IAS Exam. The UPSC has both Analytic and application type questions. The Geography syllabus for UPSC IAS Prelims and Mains exam is vast. But once approached with right strategy aspirants can easily answer the questions from the geography part.

The local winds are an important part of World geography. These winds are formed by the heating of land.  There are many local winds around the globe. In previous years UPSC has asked several questions from this area and this area remains as an important part of the UPSC IAS Prelims examination.

The local winds are formed on a small spatial scale.  They additionally have a tendency to be brief enduring normally a few hours to a day.  There are many such winds the world over, some of them cool, some warm, some wet, some dry.

Major Local Winds Around Globe (UPSC Notes):- Download PDF Here

List of Local winds 

Here we are giving a list of major local winds and their nature and places. This will enhance your UPSC IAS Prelims preparation.

Name Nature of wind Place
Chinook (Snow eaters) Hot, dry wind The Rockies mountains
Foehn Hot, dry wind The Alps
Khamsin Hot, dry wind Egypt
Siroco Hot, moist wind Sahara to the Mediterranean Sea
Solano Hot, moist wind Sahara to the Iberian Peninsula
Harmattan (Guinea Doctor) Hot, dry wind West Africa
Bora Cold, dry wind Blows from Hungary to North Italy
Mistral Cold wind The Alps and France
Punas Cold dry wind The western side of Andes Mountain
Blizzard Cold wind Tundra region
Purga Cold wind Russia
Levanter Cold wind Spain
Norwester Hot wind New Zealand
Santa Ana Hot wind South California
Karaburun (black storm) Hot dusty wind Central Asia
Calima Dust-laden dry wind Saharan Air Layer across the Canary Islands
Elephanta Moist wind in monsoon Malabar coast

Major Local Winds Around Globe (UPSC Notes):- Download PDF Here

Frequently Asked Questions on Major Local Winds Around the World


Q 1. What is the local wind of Egypt known as?

Ans. The local wind of Egypt is known as Khamsin. It is a hot and dry wind.


Q 2. Which local wind is also known as ‘Snow Eater’?

Ans. Chinook is also known as ‘Snow Eater’. This hot and dry local wind blows around the rocky mountains.

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