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According to the Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways (MoRTH), there are 599 National Highways in India. Over a period of time, the numbering of National Highways in India has been renewed. The Ministry has released details of National Highways in the country on its official website.

The total length of National Highways is 132500 Kms. The article will provide you with a list of major national highways in India as it will help aspirants for the IAS Exam (Prelims, Mains.)

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List of Important National Highways in India

The list of major highways in India with the states they pass through is given below. It is taken up from the official document of MoRTH. Once can download the PDF version of the Indian National Highways details with routes and length from the link mentioned below this table.

Old National Highway Number New National Highway Number Serial No. in NH Act, 1956 States/UTs Through which it Passes
NH 1 A and NH 1 D NH 1 1 Jammu & Kashmir
NH 1 B NH 244 144 Jammu & Kashmir
NH 2 NH 19 (Golden Quadrilateral) 63 Bihar, Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal
NH 2A NH 519 66 Uttar Pradesh
NH 2B NH 114 40 West Bengal
NH 3 

NH 50

NH 60 188 Maharashtra
NH 223 NH 4 12 Andaman & Nicobar Islands
NH 4 A NH 748 165 Goa, Karnataka
NH 4 B NH 348 161 Maharashtra
NH 5

NH 6

NH 60

NH 217

NH 16 (Golden Quadrilateral) 49 Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal
NH 7 NH 135 123 Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh
NH 7 A NH 138 131 Tamil Nadu
NH 8 NH 48 (Golden Quadrilateral) 157 Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu
NH 8 A NH 41 139 Gujarat
NH 8 C NH 147 154 Gujarat
NH 8 D NH 151 171 Gujarat
NH 9 NH 65 196 Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana
NH 11 NH 21 73 Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh
NH 11 A NH 148 158 Rajasthan
NH 12 NH 45 336 Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh
NH 18 

NH 4

NH 40 136 Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu
NH 21

NH 22

NH 95

NH 5 13 Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab
NH 23 NH 320 71 Jharkhand
NH 24 NH 530 102 Uttar Pradesh
NH 30 NH 319 65 Bihar
NH 35 NH 112 37 West Bengal
NH 39 NH 129 98 Assam, Nagaland
NH 47 NH 544 147 Kerala, Tamil Nadu
NH 47 A NH 966 B 205 Kerala
NH 47 C NH 966 A 204 Kerala
NH 55 NH 110 34 West Bengal
NH 56 NH 731 110 Uttar Pradesh
NH 79 NH 156 184 Rajasthan
NH 152 NH 127 A 87 Assam
NH 38 & NH 153 NH 315 45 Assam, Arunachal Pradesh

State-Wise National Highways Length

The table below mentions the length of the National Highways spanning across the states:


Length of National Highways (Kms)

Andhra Pradesh 6529.5
Arunachal Pradesh 2537.4
Assam 3908.5
Bihar 5030.6
Chattisgarh 3605.8
Goa 292.9
Gujarat 6635
Haryana 3097.6
Himachal Pradesh 2606.9
Jharkhand 3366.8
Karnataka 7334.8
Kerala 1781.6
Madhya Pradesh 8772.3
Maharashtra 17756.6
Manipur 1750.3
Meghalaya 1155.6
Mizoram 1422.5
Nagaland 1547.7
Odisha 5761.5
Punjab 3769.5
Rajasthan 9988.8
Sikkim 463
Tami Nadu  6741.5
Telangana 3795.5
Tripura 853.8
Uttar Pradesh 11736.8
Uttarakhand 2949.3
West Bengal 3664.5

Source: MoRTH

Facts about National Highways in India

There are a few important facts about the National Highways of India which are important for UPSC:

  1. National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is an autonomous authority to develop, maintain, and manage the National Highways of India.
  2. Central Government has the power to notify any highway as the National Highway and such highway will be specified in the Schedule.
  3. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is responsible for the development of National Highways.
  4. The government launched the Bharatmala Project for the development of about 26,000 km length of Economic Corridors, which along with Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) and North-South and East-West (NS-EW) Corridors are expected to carry the majority of the Freight Traffic on roads.

Transportation is an essential part of Indian geography. There are three types of transportation. They are road, water, and air transportation.

The road network in India is considered one of the largest road networks in the world. The roads in the countries are categorized into Border Roads, National Highways, State Highways, District Highways, Village Roads, etc. The international roads, Border roads, and National highways are maintained by the Central Government, where the State highways maintained by the respective state government. The District highways are looking after by District Board.

The List of Major National Highways is an important static GK topic. For more static GK topics check the linked page.

List of National Highways in India – Download PDF Here

Frequently Asked Questions


How many National Highways are there in India?

As per the list of the Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highways, there are 599 National Highways in India.


What is the longest National Highway in India?

The longest National Highway in India is NH-44 as per the old numbering system of National Highways in India.


What is the first National Highway in India?

The first National Highway in India was the old NH-1. It linked the National capital Delhi to Attari in Punjab near Indo-Pak Border. Now as per the new numbering system, NH 1 runs between Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

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