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Classical Dance Form of Andhra Pradesh l


There are 4 main differences between Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam.

Kuchipudi Bharatanatyam
It is a classical dance form from Andhra Pradesh It is a classical dance form from Tamil Nadu
It has more rounded poses It has more sculptured poses
Depicts a human’s undying desire to unite with God It is termed as the fire dance, replicating the fire within a human body
The costume has just 1 single fan that is lengthier than the lengthiest fan in Bharatanatyam costume.  The costume has 3 fans of different lengths

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What does Kuchipudi mean?

Kuchipudi is a classical dance form that originated in Andhra Pradesh, it derives its name from a village named Kuchelapuram located at a distance of 65 Km from Vijayawada. Kuchipudi is a dance-drama of Nritta (pure dance), Nritya (expressional dance) and Natya (drama).

When was Kuchipudi invented?

Kuchipudi can be traced back to 1st Century B.C. As per some popular stories, it was invented in 1502 A.D. Initially it was practised by men only, later on, women were allowed to participate.

Who is the God of Kuchipudi?

Kuchipudi was developed as a form of worship to Hindu God, Krishna.

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