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This year Hallmark Channel is starting the happiest season of all with a Christmas movie starring hottie Luke Macfarlane.

Catch Me If You Clause is one of 40 new Christmas movies Hallmark is releasing this year. The film follows the 41-year-old out hunk as Santa Clause’s son Chris who is on his first mission when he meets aspiring news anchor Avery Quinn (Italia Ricci) who happens to own the house he “broke into.” After Avery ties him up with a string of Christmas lights — trust us when we say seeing Macfarlane all tied up is an image you’re not going to want to miss — Chris has to convince her to let him go so he can deliver presents to kids and, of course, love blooms.

“You have tied up Santa Claus, thereby jeopardizing Christmas,” Chris says in the teaser trailer. “What if you couldn’t complete the most important task of your life?”

It may be hard to find queer Christmas movies this time of year, but lucky for us even though this movie is about a straight love story, the main character is being played by Macfarlane, who came out way back in 2008 and welcomed a daughter into the world earlier this year with partner Hig Roberts.

Courtesy of Hallmark Channel

Macfarlane may be starring as a straight guy in this film, he’s played queer characters many times in the past (Bros, Notes of Autumn) and even starred in Netflix’s gay Christmas movie Single All the Way. And although Catch Me If You Clause may not have any LGBTQ+ characters, this year Hallmark Channel is premiering Friends and Family Christmas and Christmas on Cherry Lane, both of which the network says are queer holiday films.

So whether you’re watching Macfarlane’s Christmas rom-com just to see the muscle-bound actor getting tied up or you’re watching Hallmark’s queer offerings, you’re set to have a cozy movie night this holiday season.

Catch Me If You Clause premieres on Hallmark Channel on Thursday, November 23 at 8 pm ET.

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