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“Status” is why you think other people are better than you! So let’s talk for a few minutes about those things that instantly grant you status, shall we?

Everybody wants status because it’s been ingrained in our evolution.

Self-actualization and peer appreciation sit at the very top of Maslow’s pyramid of needs.

Usually, status is built throughout one’s life, but there are some ways to hijack and purchase it, which is why some people would do anything for money.

Here are 15 things that instantly grant status:

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like reading; you can enjoy the video below or watch it on YouTube:


Skin, hair, teeth and overall cleanliness

Health and the book cover we present to the world are crucially important.

This is why we wouldn’t trade our lives with sick old men!

Skin is a primary indicator of health.

Any woman will tell you how walking out of a salon after a professional blowout just hits differently.

Because of marketing, we place people with perfect white teeth higher on our societal scale than those with crooked teeth.

Clean clothes, a clean body, and no bad smells. This is mandatory.


Expensive logos and occasion appropriate outfit

There are two parts to this that are equally important:

  1. Having clothes appropriate to the weather, season, and occasion distinguishes between those of higher status and everyone else.
    You’ve seen people wear white sneakers showing their ankles in the middle of winter.
    It’s the same as going hiking and meeting someone in jeans. Or wearing an Adidas tracksuit to a wedding. What are you even doing… are the Balkans okay?
  2. The logo thing is actually tied to history.
    Higher-quality products used to require more skill and thus be more expensive.
    When you buy a product from a well-known atelier or manufacturer, you take pride in the quality.
    This psychological effect is still around today, but the quality element is debatable.
    People see you with a Hermes bag and they know you have money and access and you’re someone of means.

Accessories grant status, and they do it quickly. Usually cheaper but very noticeable.


The car you drive

If we hadn’t mentioned cars in this video, we would’ve been dragged into the comments, although some things are changing with the culture.

Boomers were all about their cars and big homes.

Cars were the second most expensive thing people owned after their primary home.

Newer generations can’t afford homes and know that throwing money on cars is a liability.

So in modern society’s eyes, people who have expensive cars are either financially irresponsible or ridiculously rich.

  • A Porsche
  • A Range Rover
  • A G-wagon
  • A Lambo
  • A Rolls

All signal to the world who you are. Your car is one of the biggest pieces that grant you status.

It’s crazy how you can tell just how different a person driving a BMW is from a Honda owner and a Rolls Royce owner.


Watches and Jewelry

Poor and middle-class people don’t partake in this sport because it’s not essential.

But the moment you get around people who have some money, status is communicated through the watch and the jewelry you wear.

  • A ring from Tiffany’s is of higher status than one from your local jeweler.
  • A Chanel bag reads differently than a Zara bag.
  • A Rolex differs from a G-shock.

Of course, there are levels to this game and your pieces only impress people who are below you.

Your Rolex Submariner doesn’t impress someone with a Nautilus from Patek Philippe.


The country you live in

Growing up, you heard about people living in better-off countries than you did, and when you met them, you immediately granted them status because of it.

They were different but in a good way. They were richer, in better health, and better put together.

If the bulk of the items on this list are splurges, this one is actually achievable by choice.

And if you and your future children would be better off growing up in a different country, why wouldn’t you move?

As you think about it, the more you realize this is an emotional decision rather than a financial or logistical one. The former can be all figured out.

The best part is that if you decide to move and don’t like it, you can always come back.

There’s only one upside to moving and in the process, you will uncover a skill that grants you freedom.

What if you did an experiment for a year?

It will take you 3–6 months to set everything up. A plane, a house, or even a job. Then you go and your entire world changes.

You meet new people, you discover yourself, you now do what you love, and your mind and reality expand.

Then you realize you can do this whenever you want and in that second, you become a different person than the one you were before.

You are someone who is no longer constrained by the question, “How can someone like me do it?”

In 48 hours, we will close the doors to Reinvent Mastery.

Our flagship course shows you step-by-step how to reinvent yourself.

From what you do for a living to getting paid more to moving to a different country, changing the way the world sees you—we’re offering our biggest guarantee to date.

If your life doesn’t change or the course hasn’t paid for itself in the first 6 months, we will give you all your money back, no questions asked!

That’s how much we believe in this product and for someone like you, there’s nothing to lose.

You decide if you want your life to change or if you want to keep feeling stuck where you are!

And to make this even better, if you enroll now and use the promo code “NEWME” for $100 OFF at checkout, so you can put that $100 towards your new life.

We’ll see you on the inside!


Who your life-partner is

There’s nothing that tells people more about your intimate life than your partner. 

This is who you choose to spend the rest of your life with. 

Out of everyone in the world, this is who you chose and they chose you to go on this adventure together. So don’t screw this up. 

Your partner can lower or increase your perceived status. 

You can acquire status with the right person or you will never reach your potential if they keep you locked in.

The world is jealous of those who get it right.

There has to be something about you; otherwise, they wouldn’t be with you!


 What you do for a living

Titles carry status. They still do.

A doctor or a lawyer is still seen as better than a stripper or a plumber – despite the fact that, in most cases, the latter outweighs the former.

Some titles come with power and power grants status to the power holder.

The more people your professional decisions impact, the higher the perceived status.

The CEO has more status than the manager, who has more status than the intern.

How high you’ve reached on a professional ladder is also tied to your level of expertise, which once again adds status because of your ability to solve problems.

The person who is able to solve a problem nobody else can solve is granted status in a society that thrives on progress.


If you have to wait in line or not

And even if you can get in or not, not everybody waits in line.

This is something growing up in a former communist country has taught us firsthand.

It’s not fair, but status grants you priority access.

Status saves you time and time is valuable.

There are different entrances and different doors are opened for different people.

That’s the power of status: it grants access to the fast lane in life and opens doors that are locked for everyone else.


Who your parents are and who you know

Status is genetically transmitted.

Reputation gets passed down from one generation to the next.

People are more lenient with the offspring of those they respect.

This is one of the massive unfair advantages children from rich or famous families have over everyone else.

This is why achieving status the right way is such a powerful thing.

If you build a reputation for being a professional, being fair, and doing what you say you’ll do, that reputation and status are funneled into everyone in your life.

People try to cheat this by name-dropping, where just through association you are borrowing someone else’s status for yourself, because if that person trusts you – and I trust that person – I should probably trust you as well


Great art

It’s just something about people who have good taste because it’s something you acquire through time and expertise.

They get it; you don’t.

You don’t really know why or how they’re doing it, but you can definitely feel it.

You enter someone’s home and it feels different.

Seeing a Picasso or a Basquiat on someone’s wall immediately grants them status, because things of extreme value carry with them extreme status.

Most people don’t get to a level where they understand art.

Even fewer reach a level where they can use art as an investment. This is why only the super-rich historically played in this arena and art granted them status and made them rich.

But Masterworks leveled the playing field. Through their platform, retail investors like you can now buy a share of blue-chip art and cash out when Masterworks sells the piece for a profit.

So far they’ve had profit on 100% of their sales. There’s a huge waiting list to get in at the moment, but because you’re reading this on our blog, you get to skip the waiting list.

Great art is always a good investment.


Press mentions

Back in the day, creating any form of media was expensive.

Printing books, putting something in the newspaper, or watching TV

So when things got the spotlight, it signaled to everyone that they were worthy – important enough.

That’s why, to this day, we grant status to people we see on TV.

That’s why we look up to people on the cover of magazines, or at least we used to until we realized it’s all bullshit and most of it is engineered by PR firms.

It’s all PR-fabricated BS


The natural progression of that is your digital identity. 

People will Google you. What comes up can increase or decrease your status. 

If you want to bypass this, you can simply buy yourself press mentions. 

With less than $3,000, you can fill up the first page of Google results with articles about how great you are at what you do.


How rich you are

Imagine you walk to someone randomly, they walk away, and someone goes. Did you know that guy’s a billionaire?!

Immediately, your perception changes. You instantly grant them status.

We want what other people want and since wealth is so hard to acquire and most people want it, we grant status to those who have it.

Even rich people grant status to those richer than them.

Here’s something most people get wrong: Being rich and looking rich are two different things!

And one is definitely way better than the other. You might look rich, but the moment people realize you’re not, you lose everything.


How many followers you have

Actually, it’s not followers per se, but actually how much attention you’re getting.

We live in an attention economy so where attention goes, money follows.

This is why the most random people get crazy amounts of money just because they’re good at toying with people’s attention.

The Kardashians are masters of this and society has granted them status because of it.

Whoever can get attention can sell something.

If you can sell something, you will acquire wealth, and as we’ve learned, wealth grants status because we envy wealth in others.

This is fundamentally how Google and Meta have become such incredibly big businesses.

They allowed people to buy attention with money. You never think about it but it’s the truth.


How much of the world you’ve seen

Your limited understanding of the world gets trumped by someone’s more expansive view.

The biggest price you will pay in life is for the things you don’t know that you don’t know.

Almost all hate and ignorance come from a fear of the unknown.

If you’ve never left your country, someone who has traveled around the world is exotic to you.

They’ve seen more, heard more, and acquired more experience than you. And that grants them status.

This is why travel is such a big industry because it reveals more of who you are as well as elevating you from those who haven’t had the privilege or courage to venture out.

That’s why when you hear someone say: “I’ve lived in Japan for 5 years” or “I’ve lived in Spain, or Dubai, or the Dominican Republic” something in you starts twirling, because deep down you share that desire as well.

Most people don’t realize how powerful Reinvent Mastery is just by the relocation part alone.


How carefree you are

We’ve met a couple of people in our lives who were truly stress-free. 

Not the “hobo / live on what God provides”  kind of way, but the “I’ve done enough, I have enough, and I don’t need more” kind of way.

And we’ve been fascinated with them ever since. 

When everybody’s so focused, so stressed, depressed, and always in a hurry—to see someone just enjoy the moment and smile at life—it’s almost an insult to the way the rest of us live – it’s that shocking.

Most of our friends come from a business background. 

They sold their companies for F.U. money and decided not to start another one. Instead, just book the win and live your life the best way you can.

One of them has been hanging out with his kid, reading, and playing tennis for the past decade.

Another one is currently sailing around the world and doesn’t know when he’ll be back.

To us, these people have more status than any member of Congress or some executive with 1000 people under them. 


Because they won the game, everyone else still plays, and we aspire to do the same. Somehow, we have a feeling you as well.

These have been the 15 things that instantly grant you status. See you next time!

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